DSL Information

Last Updated: May 12th, 2008

Welcome to SDC Internet! SDC Internet provides DSL service for those interested in a reliable, fast, broadband connection. With DSL, you can get an extremely fast internet connection and use your phone at the same time for the low cost of $24.95 a month!

What is DSL?

DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a service offered by CenturyLink that allows broadband internet access over standard phone lines. This connection is always on, so you don't have to waste time dialing-up like with a traditional phone line and modem, and is much faster than a standard telephone modem.

CenturyLink offers two speeds of DSL in most areas: one with a 1536 Kbps download and 864 Kbps upload speed, and the second with a 7168 Kbps download speed and a 864 Kbps upload speed. In comparison, the slower service is over 27 times faster than a dialup, and the faster speed is 128 times faster than the fastest possible speed a standard dialup connection can reach!

In practice, the quality and speed of the service is directly proportional to the quality of the phone lines, so if you are having problems with your phone line you will not be able to achieve the fastest possible speeds with DSL, or your connection could possibly drop while you are using it. As part of the installation, though, CenturyLink should check your line to make sure you can get the service and tell you what speeds are available. Also, they will usually condition your line and fix problems before installation.

Also, DSL access is limited by the distance the customer is from CenturyLink's central office. Usually, this is no more than 5 miles and the speed will drop considerably at that distance. This means that DSL service may not be available in outlying rural or semi-rural areas. Contact our office and we can determine if your phone line is DSL capable.

How much does this cost?

DSL is an additional service the CenturyLink has to add to your phone line. When you get DSL, CenturyLink will charge an installation fee and an additional monthly fee depending on which speed service you elect. You will also need additional equipment, a CenturyLink compatible DSL modem.

CenturyLink charges a $99 installation fee to install your DSL line, but it may not be required if the home you're in has had phone or DSL installed already. Please contact us for the current pricing.

Next, you'll need a DSL modem which usually runs $99.99. You can also choose to lease a DSL modem from CenturyLink for the price of $7.00/month. This DSL modem will have one end connected to your telephone line, and the other end connected to your computer. The unit they are currently providing, either the ActionTec PK5000 or Zyxel PK5000Z, has many features such as the ability to be connected through your ethernet port or wirelessly.

Like your current phone line, CenturyLink will charge you a separate fee for your DSL line. This fee depends upon the speed of the service you wish to receive. Currently, the price for the lines is as follows:
DSL Service Speeds (Kbps) CenturyLink's Charge SDC Service Total
CenturyLink Connect Silver1500 / 1000$28.00$24.95 $52.95
CenturyLink Connect Platinum7168 / 896$38.00$29.95 $67.95
CenturyLink Connect Silver ("stand-alone," no phone service)1500/1000$33.00$24.95 $57.95
CenturyLink Connect Platinum ("stand-alone," no phone service)7168/896$43.00$29.95 $72.95

Note that SDC provides a discount off our monthly service for those who pay quarterly and a larger discount for those who pay yearly. Discounts do not come off of Qwest's charges, although CenturyLink does occasionally run specials for new sign-ups ($25 per month vs. $28 per month for the first year, for example). Please contact us for the current prices.

The Stand-alone DSL services are the only DSL services available without telephone service already on the phone line.

Also, please note that all download & upload speeds are the maximum speeds you can get. You are not guaranteed by either CenturyLink or SDC to get the maximum speed listed. Also, note that CenturyLink is responsible for the supply and maintenance of your DSL equipment and line because that is part of the public phone network. However, SDC will provide first-call technical support for your DSL service and will coordinate all calls to CenturyLink technical support for you.

I'm interested. What do I do now?

Contact us and we will contact CenturyLink for you and get the process started. We will require a signed DSL service application, but that can follow the phone call via fax or postal mail. Also, please read and sign our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. You can also download these from the above links, fill them out, and drop them off at our office or mail them.

Also, be sure to read over our Services and Pricing page for a complete list of prices and additional features that come with your service.

When you sign up with DSL from SDC, we will contact CenturyLink for you and arrange installation of the DSL line to your house, if you do not already have one.

After that, it will take around 5 days for CenturyLink to get everything set up. We will be notified shortly after your order is placed, and we will get you set up on our side and contact you with the details you need to set up your modem when it arrives.

How do I set up my DSL Modem?

Setting up the DSL modem is easy, easier in many ways than setting up your dial-up modem.

For instructions, please check out our DSL Support Page.