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About the Man and the Name

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Edward Hagan was born more than 60 years ago into an agricultural background and was introduced to fiddle music at an early age. He has continued to enjoy farming and fiddle music. Somewhat later, courtesy of Uncle Sam, aviation entered the picture. Combine this with a lifetime of experiences building things and when fiddle construction was started the name to go on the inside was selected to reflect these interests.
Fiddles or violins are constructed in his rooftop workshop located 5 miles north of
Socorro, New Mexico, with the alfalfa fields in full view on all sides.

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RV-4 built in the rooftop workshop and
first flown July 4, 1988

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The 4 F Company
Fine Fiddles by the Flying Farmer

P. O. Box 1301

Socorro, New Mexico,87801
Phone: (505) 835-1047

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