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What They Say About My Creations
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Many of my fiddles are being played by champion players. They seem well pleased and in some cases impressed. Other comments usually are some variation of, "You build good fiddles. If I didn't already own 15, I'd have to have this one". One orchestra player in Canada indicated that the one he was playing was in every way equal to his $38,000 violin except the scroll was less perfect and that that instrument should be referred to as a violin, not a fiddle.
Several 5 string instruments have been produced. They seem to be the most often asked for instrument by the experienced player. With a "C" string as the 5th string, they provide for a deep bass tone if desired. It could be said that to have a viola, play the 4 lower toned strings and to have a violin, play the 4 higher toned strings.

I have made several 8 string fiddles. They make an interesting sound and of equal importance, they lend themselves to other string arrangements, such as 5 strings, which is of some interest around here. Four strings can be removed and they are just like a "normal" violin or fiddle except the neck is a little "fatter". Comments about these are, "This is great for Irish music". As well as, "this will take a bit of getting use to" and, "Double stops are difficult or impossible on this thing".

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