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If you are in the Belen region of NM you can visit the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area
And if you are south of Socorro, NM or close you have to check out the Bosque del Apache.

Grand Port view

On the far right is my sister Purnima ...who is a radio star in Mauritius !!


picture taken by my nikonoclastic pal Ingrid Biel at the Bosque Del Apache on a cold winter morgen.

Coincidence ?

Some pricks are worth the while

Hummers are guzzlers

Some really cool petroglyphs

Collection of herons, bitterns, egrets etc

Eclipse of the moon on 27th october 2004

My picasaweb album, here is Tizan's and here is Purnima's

Tizan and the River

Tizan and the Stars

Island of colorful tears Pei Larm Kuler

Sunrise in Rodrigues

picture taken by the very early riser Purnima in Rodrigues

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