Frequently Asked Questions
At this time, most of the links below lead to an old version of the FAQ which hasn't been updated in a long time. Not very many of these questions are frequently asked any more and the Revised & Expanded rulebook addresses some of them so I haven't had much motivation to update the FAQ except for the sections of Administrivia that have changed over the years.

The FAQ is divided up into four sections:

Administrivia - This section covers questions related to the mailing list itself and other Torg resources found on the Internet. (version 2.0, last updated 8/25/2004)

General Torg - Questions abourt the game itself and the setting.

Reality - Questions about world laws, axioms, contradictions, etc.

Combat - Questions about damage, combat options and special combat situations.

Another Torg FAQ is the Heretic FAQ, it has a new home here.
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