Previous Updates
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August 29, 2005 - added Nile Empire image and KMZ file to the new maps page.

November 7, 2004 - There's a new file available in the  Miscellaneous section, some new Drama Deck cards I'm hosting for someone else. A few new links have been added.
And there are some minor updates on other pages basically reflecting that any in-progress work I've mentioned is most likely never going to get done.

August 25, 2004 - Well, the attempt to restart my campaign back in January didn't go as well as I'd hoped and it died a few months later which is why I haven't done any work on this website since then. I also decided that I had to go back to the drawing board on both my martial arts and psionics rewrites, what I had been working on was proving to be too complicated and effort-intensive to work well during gameplay.  So the second revision to psionics I began posting here has been aborted and won't be developed any further. The second revision to martial arts proved unwieldly enough from the start I never even got to the point of starting to write any of it up for the website!
So what has been updated? There's a minor update to the FAQ's information on the Torg mailing list, which has changed servers,and a small update concerning the publication date of my "revised & expanded" rulebook.

Even older stuff - I don't think any of it's really necessary to keep on this page, what with it being over two years old and most of it related to abandoned projects or pages that have been updated with newer information since then.