Data Transfer Limitations

SDC's mission is to provide reasonably-priced services that provide our customers with a high-quality & high-speed connection. To help with this, and to help limit abuse of our service to the detriment of other customers, SDC imposes data transfer limitations to our broadband services.

Current monthly transfer limits are listed below by service level. Transfer months are synchronized with the service's invoice day.

Service Level Included Data (GBytes) Price/GB above included
3M Individual Wireless 250 $0.15/GB
10M Individual Wireless 500 $0.10/GB
20M Individual Wireless 1000 $0.05/GB
25M Individual Wireless 1000 $0.05/GB
50M Individual Wireless 2000 $0.05/GB
10/10M Business Wireless 1000 $0.05/GB
25/25M Business Wireless 1500 $0.05/GB
50/50M Business Wireless 2500 $0.05/GB

IMPORTANT:The above transfer limitations are soft limits. This means that there is nothing stopping you from exceeding these limits. You can use 250 GB over the course of a month with the base home wireless account without a problem, but you will be charged $0.15 per GB for each GB you are over the soft-limit. The actual charge for usage above the soft-limit depends on the service type.

To help customers stay apprised of their usage, SDC provides customers with a webpage to monitor their usage statistics. This page can be accessed by SDC broadband customers from our Members website.