Highspeed Internet

SDC Internet presents its flagship service: high-speed wireless broadband!

Using the 802.11n and ac industry standard, SDC's wireless broadband provides unparalleled speed without worrying about poor quality phone lines, and it can even go where DSL cannot!

Wireless network equipment and WiFi router (if desired) is provided with the service. Please see our pricing page for details.


Broadband Wireless
  • Lightning-Fast Connection - Download rates up to 100 mbps. Files that took hours to download now take minutes or even seconds. Graphic intensive web pages are displayed in seconds, not minutes.
  • Always On, No Dialing, & No Busy Signals - No phone line required. Perfect for those that don't have or don't want a phone line. Don't pay for a phone line just to get on the 'Net.
  • Widely Available - Currently available in Socorro, San Antonio, Escondida, Lemitar, San Acacia and most areas between these communities.
  • Speed up your Entire Network - Connect multiple computers at your home or business to get high-speed internet access for all the computers on your network.
  • Business-Class Service - Run your own servers! Web, email, ftp, and more can be run from your wireless connection using a static IP address. Need more than one pubic IP? No problem!

Requirements & Limitations

There are a few things to keep in mind about the service:

  • Line-of-Sight - Your antenna must have an unobstructed line-of-sight to one of our wireless access points. Be sure to check our access point locations.
  • Violent Weather - Violent weather such as lightning, heavy rain or snow may degrade the signal. Under most conditions you will still maintain your connection, but your speed may be affected until the weather passes.
  • Coverage Map (click on the map for larger version)