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San Miguel Catholic Church

403 El Camino Real, Socorro, NM 87801 * 575-835-2891
One of the Oldest Catholic Churches in the United States... Founded 1598

Easter Memorials





I am the resurrection and the life;
whoever believes in me, even if he dies,
will live,
and everyone who lives and believes in me
will never die.

Do you believe this?

John 11:25-26

  In Loving Memory - San Miguel  
  Honors - San Miguel  
  In Loving Memory - St. Mary Magdalene  
  Honors - St. Mary Magdalene  

In Loving Memory

San Miguel, Socorro


Kimberly Cases
M/M Tony and Rose Valencia
Carrie and Virginia Cuellar
TonyValencia, Jr.
By Paul and Frances Cases, Jr.


Deceased Members of Harriet, Garro, Lassa, Sarlange,
Caldwell, Duquet, Bruton, and Porter Families
By Alice Duquet


Charles and Marie Huebner
Mary Ann Huebner Susag
By Urban and Kathryn Bauer


John Rubinic
Joan and Al Carilli
Walter Duggan
Gloria Bardusch
Ron and Gordana Rogic
Dolores Griego
Fr. John Frega
Hannah Wilson
Charles and Stefanie Grubowski
By Chris and Adrianna Carilli


George and Aurora Naranjo
By Salomon and Bernadette Gonzales


All Souls
By M Mary Rose Baca


Luz Ulibarri
By Roger Ulibarri


Juan and Josefita Lucero
Miguel and Encarnacion Padilla
Mike Padilla
Tomasita Torres
By Ellen Padilla


Rosemary and Carol Silva
Angie Gonzales and Frances Marquez
Lencha Torres
Angie Ulibarri
By Gloria Jean Torres


Billy Griego
Willie Griego
Priscilla and Stockey Saavedra
Bart and Gertrude Long
Josie and Felix Torres
By Linda and Pamela Griego


Mom, Dad
Brother Tony
By Rick and Diana Baca


Mary Otero
Rick Marquez
and Manuel Marques
By Julie Marquez


Genoveva Archuleta
Dolores Haligarda
By Louise M. Archuleta


Andrew B. Sanchez
M/M Charlie B. Padilla
Kenney T. Padilla
By Patricia Sanchez


Trini Padilla
Rachael Olivia Green
Mela Padilla
Sophie Rosas
Jarad Anghony Higgins "Juice WRLD"
By Jared Padilla


Kenny Sedillo
Theresa Silva
By Delo Silva


Estanislado W. Montoya
Juanita M. Montoya
By Rufino Montoya


Esther and Fernando Silva
Barbara Silva
By Paul Silva


All Deceased Family Members
By Leroy and Frances Anaya


Ciriaco and Nacha Sedillo
By Lala Chavez


Bennie and Louisa Barreras
Elaine Barreras Mata
Frank D. Barreras
Deceased Ross Family
By Luz Barreras and Richard Lucero


Ines Najera
Gonzalo Acosta
By Gerardo and Yolanda Gomez


Raymond Felipe Martinez
Dora S. Martinez
By Priscilla Martinez


Juan T. and Josefita Lucero
Albert and James Albert
Pablo and Rafaelita Castillo
Marianne Porter
Denise Saiz
By Stella Castillo


Mark Ortega
Lola Baldonado
Arlene Lindsey Torres
Lola and Lola Montaņo
Delfina Masterson
Teodosio Baldonado
By Hope and Emiliano Baldonado


Rita Montoya
Leo Montoya
Beatrice Herrera
Ernie Torres
By Tony and Bernice Montoya


Joseph Stanton
By Patricia Stanton


Dora Rivera
Nicholas Rivera, Jr.
Leo Rivera
By Diana Rivera


K.A. Kurien
Thankamma Kurien
By Robin and Mariamma Kurien


Gonzales, Savedra, Zamora
Pyland Families
By Danny and Roseann Savedra


M/M Frank Sedillo
M/M Antonio Meza
Senaida Lucero
Joe Sedillo
Josefa Garza
By Ramiro and Samantha Garza, Jr.


Chris Heath
Kevin Gonzales
Jesus Maldonado
Mason Sherwood
By Carlos Savedra, Sr.


Epifanio Garza, Sr.
Frank C. Sedillo
Joseph H. Garza
Manuelita Z. Sedillo
Isaac P. Montgomery
By Ramiro H. and Lora Garza


Ernest Zamora
Ernie Zamora, Jr.
Anne Lee Montoya
Heraclio Montoya, Sr.
Joaquin Montoya
By Diana Zamora


Louisita and Higinio Romero
Andy, Rick and Victor Romero
Aurelia and Primitivo Apodaca
By Rudy and Eva Chavez


Arthur and Annie Silva
Aniceto and Juana Alonzo
Lucy Alonzo
By Robert and Theresa Alonzo


Catherine E. Baca
By Tommy and Virginia Gonzales


Raymond and Sefie Vallejos
By Liz Vallejos


Trini Padilla
Rachael Olivia Green
Joe Green
Mela Padilla
Peter Armijo
Lupe Lukesh
Lola Otero
Marianne Porter
Dolores Griego
Betty Gutierrez.....
By Belinda Green


Felipe and Maria E. Anaya
Paul and Lena Anaya
Valentin "Tiny" and Yvonne Anaya
Lucaria R. Vega
Louie and Elsie Anaya
Phillip A. Anaya
Gilbert Anaya
Arleen Lindsey-Torres
Belinda Padilla
Ofelia "Fay" Maez
Andy Garcia
By Annie Anaya


Leopoldo and Veronica Baca
Rose and Celso Minitrez
Julie and David Zamora
Dennis Minitrez
and Joe E. Torres, Jr
By Mary Ellen Baca


George and Aurora Naranjo
ByChristopher Naranjo


Joe E. Torres, Jr.
M/M Leopoldo Baca
Carrie Minitrez
Claudio and Dennis Baca
Julia and Rose
By Priscilla Torres


Phillip A. Anaya, Jr.
Albert Castillo
By Joey and Bernice Anaya


Frutoso B. Lopez
Katie E. Lopez
Pete M. Lopez
Jimmy M. Lopez
Terry Peralta
By Ron and Peggy Lopez


M/M Luis Chavez
and , M/M Mackie Gonzales
By Marion Chavez/Barbara Romero


Frank and Mary Grandjean
David Grandjean
Orville Moore
George Mendoza, III
Susan Mendoza
Birdye Abraham
Flo Norlander
Fran Cosby
Helen McKee
Mai Perrson
By Valerie Moore


Josephine Torres
Genievive Del Curto
and Della Torres Vega
By Pete and Theresa Del Curto


Luisa Martinez
Skip and Betty Carson
Robert Martinez
By Barbara Martinez


Amy O'Donald Lawson
George Gonzales
Avelino Gonzales, Sr.
Kenneth Silva
Beverly Rose Gonzales
Verneda Brown
Byron O'Donald, Sr.
Byron O'Donald, III
Beberly Gonzales
Molly Gonzales
Michael Silva
Connie Duran
By Bryon and Angie O'Donald


Frank P. Chavez
Flora Chavez
By Bessie Moya


Betty and Gilbert Moeller
By Wanda Moeller


George M. Wilkins, Jr.
M/M Frank C. Sedillo, Sr.
Issac P. Montgomery
M/M Lawrence Wilkins
M/M Ramiro H. Garza, Sr
By Benjamin and Donna Wilkins


Bill Wanger
Elgego and Demetria Baca
Monico and Mary Baca
Corine Gutierrez
Alex Otero, Jr.
By Grace Otero Wanger


Gerardo S. Garcia
By Mary Helen and Margaret Garcia


M/M Serafin Gonzales
M/M Tranquilino Jaramillo
By Sylvia Vivian


George and Rosalia Armijo
Juan "J.B." Gonzales
Max Gonzales
By Emena and Joseph Gonzales


Joe C. and Rose Montoya
Leopoldo and Genoveva Archuleta
Alex Archuleta
Jose Roque Sanchez
Mike Sanchez
Denise Montoya
By Ruben and Lorraine Archuleta


All Soto Family
All Hernandez Family
All Lucero Family
All Garcia Family
By Esperanza Lucero


Tony and Marina Gallegos
Carmen Gallegos
Raymond Gallegos
And, Tony Gallegos, Jr
By Manuel and Berlinda Pino


Pefie Peralta
Atanacio Peralta
Aurelia Peralta
Lucia Baca
Jesus Armijo
By Mary Peralta


Guadalupe, Christopher, and Jennie Lozano
By Jordan and Mary Martinez


Mercedes Gonzales
James A. Gonzales
M/M Juan G. Martinez
Juan M. Martinez
and Our Veterans
By Annabelle Martinez


Ernest G. Zamora
Ernie Zamora
Richard Zamora
Eddie Gonzales, Sr.
Eddie Gonzales, III
Abran and Lillie Gonzales
Nazario and Lupez Zamora
By Beatrice Zamora


Ernest Zamora, Sr.
Ernie Zamora
Floyd Savedra, Jr.
B.J. Zamora
Joseph Gonzales
Henry Gonzales
By Luke Zamora


Ernest and Gertrude Gonzales
By Christina Carnagey


M/M John Farraday
M/M Michael Garraday
By Ann Hook


Sandi Rae Padilla Chavez
Perfie and Seles Padilla, Sr.
Tita and Lio Sanchez
Elaine and Mary Ann Sanchez
By Seles and Margaret Padilla, Jr.


Joe C. Montoya
Rose Montoya
Stanley Sarate
Gilbert Anaya
Mike Sanchez
By Anthony and Berna Montoya




San Miguel, Socorro


Jose Ernest and Adelina Baca


Marianne Porter Family
and Alice Duquet Family
By Alice Duquet


Attila Moldovan


Leonela Murphy


Roger Ulibarri


Leroy and Patricia Saavedra


Don and Rosie Tripp


Barbara Skodon


Angie Lopez


Sharon Torres
Leslie Torres
Loren Ortega
By Gloria Jean Torres


Joseph P. and Tina L. Garcia


Charles and Debbie Paul


Thomas and Linda Valencia


Carlos and Olivia Tafoya


Tarsicio and Blanca Leon


M/M Richard Lucero, Sr


Aldo and Esmeralda Ruiz


Diana Vaiza
Joe and Darleen Vaiza and Family
Rick and Diana Baca and Grils
Edward and Gloria Padilla
Bertha Chavira
By Hope and Emiliano Baldonado


Mario and Linda Rosales


Frank and Susan Lewark


Our Blessed Virgin Mary
Our Savior
By Liz Vallejos


Richard Lee and Ramona Tafoya


For the Health of Adele Thompson
By Valerie Moore


Montoya and Archuleta Brothers and Sisters
Chris and Yvonne Archuleta
By Ruben and Lorraine Archuleta


Keith and Margaret Middleton


Fr. John
By Christina Carnagey


Miguel C. and Teresa Ybarra


Stephanie Rivas


Linda, Thomas, Cindy and Family
and Seles and Margaret Padilla, Jr.
By Seles and Margaret Padilla


Penny Naranjo



In Loving Memory

St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


Dina and Louie Latasa
Ruth Baca
Departed Family and Friends
By Bryan and Renee Baca


William and Margie Gordon
Patricia Zubiate
Dan Dan Barone
Isabel Sanchez
By William and Barbara Gordon


Monico and Mary G. Baca
By Edward Baca


Benny Madril
Irene Hernandez
Eulalio and Rebecca Gutierrez
Pablo and Clara Madril
By Isabel Madril


Salomon Peralta
Joseph and Steve Peralta
Jesus and Frances Castillo
Pat Aragon
By Velma Peralta


Pablo and Clara Madril
Irene, Pinky and Mela
Eulalio and Rebecca Gutierrez
Andy and Ernest Gutierrez
Esther and Pat Chavez
By Ramon and Elsie Gutierrez


All Souls
Linda Paez
By Joe Paez


Mariano Latasa, Jr.
Richard Latasa
C.V., Inez and Rex Harris
Mariano and Angelica Latasa
By Celia Latasa


William and Helen Dobson
By Grace Dobson


All Mothers
By Godin and Evelyn Otero


Luis Torres
Ramon and Beatriz Aragon
Margarito and Sofia Torres
Mark Mansell
Bothers and Sisters
By Vivian Torres


Charles and Marie Huebner
Mary Ann Huebner Susag
By Urban and Kathry Bauer


Rebecca and Eulalio Gutierrez
By Adela Gutierrez


Dominico Zamora
Angelina Zamora
Dominico Zamora, Jr.
Joe A. Zamora
Genevieve Zamora
Robert Zamora
Bennie O. Zamora
Betty Montaņo
Pete Montaņo
Grand Parents
Friends , and Relatives
By Helen Zamora




St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


Celia Latasa
Lucille Gutierrez
By Bryan and Renee Baca


Dan and Cecilia Barrone
By William and Barbara Gordon


My Sons and Daughters
By Velma Peralta


For World Peace
By Joe Paez


All Mothers
By Godin and Evelyn Otero


Catherine Aragon


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