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San Miguel Catholic Church

403 El Camino Real, Socorro, NM 87801 * 575-835-2891
One of the Oldest Catholic Churches in the United States... Founded 1598

Christmas Flower Memorials





In Loving Memory


St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


Ernestina "Tina" Madrid

by Rebecca Apacito and Family


San Miguel Church and Missions


Isaac Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Epifanio Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sedillo
Florencio Garza
by Ramiro H. and Lora Garza


Bernie C. Lucero
Francisca Hernandez
Maria Soto
Francisco Lucero
Garcia and Hernandez Family
by Esperanza Lucero


Frankie H. Naranjo
Joseph L. Thoele and Maxine Thoele
by Penny Naranjo


Mr. and Mrs. Michel Harriet , Sr
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Harriet, Jr.
Members of Deceased Harriet, Caldwell, Lassa, Garro Families
Lincoln Caldwell
Robert Duquet
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bruton
Al Porter, Sr. and Denise Porter
by Alice Duquet


Mom and Dad
Aunts and Uncles
by Rick and Diana Baca


Felipe Anaya and Maria E. Anaya
Paul and Lena Anaya
Valentin “Tiny” Anaya
Lucaria R. (Anaya) Vega
Luis Anaya
Phillip “PT” Anaya
Gilbert Anaya and
Andy Garcia
by Anaya Family


Raymond and Sefie Vallejos
by Liz Vallejos


George and Rosalia Armijo
Juan B. Gonzales (JB)
Max Gonzales
James J. Herrera
by Emena, Joseph and Mariah


Trini Padilla
Joe Green
Rachael Olivia Green
George Zamora
Lupe Lukesh
by Belinda Green and Jared


Aurora and George Naranjo
by Salomon and Bernadette Gonzales


Our Parents
Brothers and Sisters
by Leroy and Frances Anaya


Mike Padilla
Miguel and Encarnacion Padilla
Juan T. and Josefita Lucero
by Ellen Padilla


Father/Mother and Brother
by Susanna Gilbert


Francisco A. Montoya
by Lorraine Montoya


Marie Rivera
by Gloria Jean Torres


The Martin and Ben Lopez Family
by Angie Lopez


Al Porter, Sr. and Marianne Porter Family
Michel and Frances Harriet
Carter and Katherine Porter Family
Garro Family
Priest and Sisters
by Marianne Porter


Mr. and Mrs. Ciriaco Sedillo
by Lazara Chavez


Estanislado W. Montoya
Juanita M. Montoya
by Rufino Montoya


Mark Ortega
Lola Baldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Jose E. Montano
by Emiliano and Hope Baldonado


Ernest and Gertrude Gonzales
by Christina Carnagey


Mr. and Mrs. Charlie B. Padilla
Marianita Abdalla
Lilly Baca
Albert Padilla
Kenny Padilla
by Andrew and Patricia Sanchez


All Souls
by Mary Rose Baca

  Mr. and Mrs. Abran Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Nazario Zamora
Floyd Savedra, Jr.

Richard Zamora, Sr.
Bobby Zamora, Jr
by Jimmy and Barbara Zamora


George Wilkins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sedillo, Sr.
Issac Montgomery
by Benjamin and Donna Wilkins


Frutoso B. Lopez
Katie E. Lopez
Pete M. Lopez
Jimmy M. Lopez
Terry Peralta
by Ron and Peggy Lopez


Joseph Stanton
by Patricia Stanton


Dennis Gallegos
by Amada Gallegos


Leopoldo & Genoveva Archuleta
Joe & Rose Montoya
Mike Sanchez
Julie Serna Gonzales
Jimmy & Angelica Chavez
Ramon & Pilar Sarracino
by Ruben & Lorraine Archuleta

  Alvaro Alvarado
Antonia H. Alvarado
Ana Maria Alvarado
Betty Gutierrez & Fernando Torres
by Juan Alvarado
  Allyson J. Leo
by Deacon Miguel C. & Teresa Ybarra



St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


In Anticipation for the Good Lord Willing,
a Cure for COVID 19
And a Safe Return Back to Our Holy Obligation
by Joe and Ernestine Paez


San Miguel Church and Missions


Terry & Josie Chester


Theresa & Barbara
Hope & Emiliano
by Rick & Diana Baca


Marianne Porter
by Alice Duquet


Jose & Adelina Baca


Raymond & Sefie Vallejos Family
by Liz Vallejos


Richard Torres


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Garza, Sr.
by Benjamin & Donna Wilkins


St. Jude
by Andrew & Patricia Sanchez


Diana & Darlene Vaiza
Mrs. Diana Baca
by Emiliano & Hope Baldonado


Priests & Sisters
by Marianne Porter


Rosemary Silva
Sharon Torres
Leslie Torres
Loren Torres
by Gloria Jean Torres


Lupe Montoya
by Lorraine Montoya


Angie Ulibarri


Leroy & Patricia Saavedra


Roger Ulibarri

  Archuleta & Montoya Families
by Ruben & Lorraine Archuleta
  Cruz Ybarra
by Deacon Miguel C. & Teresa Ybarra
  Frederick C. & Rosa E. Dunn  

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