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San Miguel Catholic Church

403 El Camino Real, Socorro, NM 87801 * 575-835-2891
One of the Oldest Catholic Churches in the United States... Founded 1598

Father's Day Memorials





God our Father,

we give you thanks and praise for fathers young and old.

We pray for young fathers, newly embracing their vocation;
may they find courage and perseverance
to balance work, family and faith in joy and sacrifice.

We pray for fathers around the world
whose children are lost or suffering;
may they know that the God of compassion
walks with them in their sorrow.

We pray for men who are not fathers
but still mentor and guide us with fatherly love and advice.

We remember fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers
who are no longer with us
but who live forever in our memory
and nourish us with their love.


In Loving Memory - San Miguel
In Honor - San Miguel
In Loving Memory - St. Mary Magdalene
In Honor - St. Mary Magdalene

In Loving Memory

San Miguel, Socorro


Michel Harriet, Sr. & Jr
Pierre Harriet
Deceased Members of Harriet, Garro, Lassa & Sarlange Families
by Alice Duquet


Eddie Padilla
by Bertha Padilla


Donald Murphy
Conrado Armijo
& William Petersen
by Leo Murphy


Felipe Anaya
Paul D. Anaya
Valentin “Tiny” Anaya
Luis Anaya
Phillip A. Anaya
Gilbert Anaya
Andy Garcia
by Their Family


Mauel Torres
Manuel A. Torres
by Gloria Jean Torres


Juan T. Lucero
Miguel Padilla
Mike L. Padilla
by Ellen Padilla


Joe C. Montoya
Leopoldo Archuleta
by Ruben & Lorraine Archuleta


Bennie P. Aragon
Juan P. Aragon
Mattias P. Serna
Willie B. Thais, Jr
by Rosie Aragon


Al Porter, Michel Harriet, Carter Porter
Deceased Porter Family
Deceased Harriet Family
by Marianne Porter & Randy Porter


Ernest P. Gonzales
by Christina Carnagey


Jacinto Ulibarri
by Roger D. Ulibarri


Bill Givens
Fred Windmoeller
Don Tripp, Sr
by Don, Jr. & Rosie Tripp


Max Gonzales
George Armijo
by Emena& Joseph Gonzales


Jose M. Salcedo
Joseph V. Thoele
Frankie H. Naranjo
Rey Naranjo
by Penny Naranjo


Leopoldo L. Baca
Bascilio Gomez
by Mary Ellen Baca


John W. Farraday
Michael J. Farraday
Robert W. Hook
by Ann Hook


Leopoldo Baca
by Priscilla B. Torres


Joe Green
Trini Padilla
Gilbert Padilla
Gilbert L. Padilla
by Belinda Green & Jared


Phillip Anaya, Jr
Albert Castillo
Alext Otero, Sr
John Gallagher
by Joey & Bernice Anaya


Avelino Gonzales, Sr
Byron O’Donald, Sr
by Bryon & Angie O’Donald


Joseph Stanton
Timothy Stanton
Karl Staud
John Stanton
by Patricia Stanton


Robert R. Sparks
by Norma Sparks


Little Eddie Gonzales
by Danny & Roseann Savedra


Abran Gonzales
by Carlos Savedra, Sr.


Cruz Rosas
George Gallegos
Percy Gonzales
by Bernice Rosas


Epifanio “Pefie” Peralta
Atanacio Peralta
Jesus Armijo
by Mary Peralta


All Souls
by Mary Rose Baca


Lolo Montaño
Deceased Uncles
by Rick & Diana Baca


John Jaramillo
John Casey
by Gloria Casey


Hipolito Ruiz
Frank Ybarra
Mike Giron
by Deacon Mike & Terry Ybarra


Jose M. Gonzales
Patricio Gonzales
Gilbert Baldonado
by Pauline Gonzales


Richard Roberts
by Michael & Mireya Herrera


Jose S. Chavez, Sr
Jose S. Chavez, Jr
by Dolores Farone


Frank P. Chavez
by Bessie Moya


Ernest Zamora
Abran Gonzales
Nazario Zamora
by Diana Zamora


Ernest G. Zamora
Abran Gonzales
Grandpas Eduardo Armijo
Jose Gonzales
by Beatrice Zamora


Aniceto Alonzo
Arthur Silva
by Robert & Theresa Alonzo


Andrew B. Sanchez
Charlie B. Padilla
by Patricia Sanchez


Elfego Baca
Edward Wanger
by Bill & Grace Wanger


Primitivo Apodaca
Higinio Romero
Andy, Rick, Victor Romero
by Rudy & Eva Chavez


Epifanio “Pefie Peralta
Mike Jojola
Atanacio Peralta
Jesus Armijo
by Rebecca Chavez


Teodosio Baldonado
Jose “Lolo” Montaño
by Emiliano & Hope Baldonado


Epifanio Garza, Sr
Frank C. Sedillo, Sr
by Ramiro H. & Lora Garza


George Naranjo
by Christopher Naranjo


Ernest G. Zamora
Abran Gonzales
Nazario Zamora
by Louis Luke Zamora


Fernando A. Silva
by Paul Silva


Ciriaco Sedillo
Serafin Gonzales
by Lazara Chavez


John A. Armijo, Jr
Frank P. Chavez
Candido Trujillo, Sr
by Rucila Armijo


Felipe Anaya, Sr
Stanley Sarate
Gilbert Anaya, Sr
by Prescilla Anaya


Exiquio Rosales
Frank McWhorter
by Mario & Linda Rosales


Reinaldo Padilla
by Raymond & Rachael Carrillo


Floyd Savedra, Jr
by Floyd & Margaret Savedra


Christobal Ulibarri
by Santiago Ulibarri


Alfredo Ocampo
by Al & Laurie Ocampo


Francisco A. Montoya, Sr
by Lorraine Montoya


Estanislado W. Montoya
by Rufino Montoya

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San Miguel, Socorro


Leroy Saavedra
by His Family


Manuel Pino
by His Family


Jose Ernest Baca
by His Family


Jim Naranjo
by Bertha Padilla


Damian Ortega
Joseph Padilla & Christopher Moya
by Gloria Jean Torres


Attila Moldovan


Ruben Archuleta
Archuleta Brothers
Montoya Brothers
by Ruben & Lorraine Archuleta


Leroy C. Anaya
Narcy Anaya
Charles Paul
Carlos Vega
by Annie


Al Porter, Jr.
Randy Porter
by Marianne Porter


Roger D. Ulibarri


Ted Valenzuela
T. J. Chester
by Terry & Josie Chester


Cruz & Richard Baca
Frankie & Ernest Baca
by Priscilla B. Torres


Joseph Martin Padilla
George Padilla
by Belinda Green & Jared


Byron O’Donald, Jr
Andrew Leon Gonzales
Mike Chavez
Robert Michael Gonzales
by Bryon & Angie O’Donald


Luis Ruiz
by Blanca Ruiz & Family


Danny Savedra
Edward Savedra
Carlos Savedra
by Danny & Roseann Savedra


Henry Rosas
Danny Savedra
by Carlos Savedra, Sr.


Richard Torres


Fred C. Dunn
by Rosa E. Dunn & Family


Emiliano Baldonado
Rick Baca
Gilbert Lucero
by Rick & Diana Baca


Deacon Mike Ybarra
by Terry Ybarra & Family


by Dolores Farone


Marion “Marty” Chavez


John Montoya
by Diana Zamora


Lawrence Wilkins
Ramiro Garza, Sr
Robby Montgomery
by Benjamin & Donna Wilkins


Robert Alonzo
by Theresa Alonzo & Family


Lawrence J. Otero
Pete Otero
by Bill & Grace Wanger


Rudy Chavez
by Eva Chavez & Family


Joe “Jojo” Vaiza
Rick Baca
Jered Padilla
Emiliano Baldonado
by Hope Baldonado


Joey Baldonado
by Pauline Gonzales


Mario Rosales
by Linda Rosales & Family


Larry Gonzales
by Anesha Gonzales & Family


Luis Aguilar
by Joyce Aguilar & Family


Jimmy Zamora
Edward Savedra
by Margaret Savedra & Family


Aldo Ruiz
by Esmeralda Ruiz & Family


Ramon Colome
Al Ocampo
by Al and Laurie Ocampo


Seles Padilla, Jr
Napoleon Valencia
Thomas Valencia
by Thomas & Londa Valencia


Horacio Martinez
by Amanda Garcia-Martinez & Family


Frankie , Phillip & David Montoya
Frankie, III, Josh
Randy Montoya
by Lorraine Montoya


Jim Laws
by Polly Laws & Family

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In Loving Memory

St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


Mariano Latasa
C.V. Harris
by Mariano & Celia Latasa


William L. Dobson
William R. Dobson
Frank Zezeus
by Grace Dobson


In Memory of All Fathers
by Godin & Evelyn Otero


Adolfo Tafoya
by Diane Tafoya


Epimenio Baca
Augustine Paez
by Joe Paez


Melcor Tafoya
Dominic Zamora
by Pete & Margie Zamora


Eulalio Gutierrez
by Adela Gutierrez


Salomon Peralta
Joseph Peralta
Steve Peralta
Daniel Peralta
by Velma Peralta


Louie Latasa
John Torres
Mariano Latasa
Conrado Aragon
Manuel Baca
by Bryan & Renee Baca


Dominico Zamora
by Helen Zamora


Conrado Malvido
Bacilio Gomez, Sr
by Juan & Corine

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St. Mary Magdalene, Magdalena


In Honor of All Fathers
by Godin & Evelyn Otero


All Living Dads
by Joe Paez


Ronald Torres


Pete Zamora
by Margie Zamora & Family


Robert Baca
Jr. Latasa
Rudy Latasa
& Benny Latasa
by Bryan & Renee Baca


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