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Some useful coco docs..

CoCo IO map The most complete map of the CoCo's memory-mapped I/O that I've found.

Video pinouts for analog RGB monitors with DB-9 connectors

Floppy Controller Hack to fix the sloppy decoding in the tandy floppy controller.

HOWTO get the newest release of OS9 onto real disks.

VEF Format The file format of the OS-9 VDG Extended Format image file.

TS/EDIT quick reference guide

SCRED quick reference guide


Unless otherwise noted, all software here is distributed under the GNU Copyleft 2.0 Agreement. See the file COPYING.


These are a collection of freeware utilities, NOT my work, not covered by the GNU copyleft.



I am the "official" maintainer for CPREP, the ANSI C preprocessor for the OS-9/6x09 C compiler.

Source and binary are cprep19b.lzh.

IDE2.0 drivers

This is not my work, and will probably go away if Boyle complains or gets his own webpage back up.

Therefore, this is not covered by the GNU copyleft.

The IDE 2.0 drivers are BETA code, but seem to be pretty solid. However, there are two fixes...

TRS-80 Model 100

All.BA files are gzipped to preserve Tandy 8-bit characters


For Unix and Linux

CP/M 2.2

Generic CP/M:

Teletek SysteMaster Specific:


RISC OS ZIP files include machine-dependant filetype data that will be lost if unarchived under any other OS!

All programs in this section are compiled for modern 32-bit RISC OS 5. Specifically developed and tested on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Context Editor: An editor that can by used with a teletype. They are different from Line Editors in that they have a concept of a cursor within a line, not just a current line. TECO is the most infamous example. Context editors are very powerful if you know how to use them, but have a very harsh learning curve. Obsolete.